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Wonders of World Park Delhi National

Waste-to-Art: Know 6 Things about Delhi’s Wonders of World Park

December 16, 2018

Walking in the footsteps of Kota’s ‘Wonders of the World’, Delhi now has its own Wonder of World Park, which houses replicas of the world’s seven wonders, built entirely of waste, further popularizing the concept of ‘waste-to-art’. Here is everything you should know about this leisure spot: Which all ‘wonders’ can one see here? The park boasts of replicas of all the seven wonders of the world viz. The Eiffel […]

good things about Bangladesh National

10 Good Things About Bangladesh

December 15, 2018

A nation is formed by its people and culture, but the importance of the climate and other environmental factors cannot be overruled. By and large, every country is an amalgamation of both good and bad characteristics. But how many times are the best of both worlds discussed? Inadequacy, economic crisis, poor educational facilities, lack of infrastructure, etc., are a far cry from the true identities of a nation and what […]

Amitav Ghosh National

Amitav Ghosh: 5 Facts you should know

December 14, 2018

One who hasn’t heard the name Amitav Ghosh is neither an avid reader of novels nor a news enthusiast. In a career spanning over 22 years (and counting), he has written a number of popular books usually in the ‘historical-fiction’ genre. Although born in Kolkata and brought up in a number of cities or rather countries, Ghosh is presently settled in New York with his wife Deborah Baker and two […]

German Shepherd isn't an ideal dog for many pet guardians Lifestyle

4 Breeds of Dogs You Should Think Twice Before Adopting

December 14, 2018

Dogs are incredible, and most have an excellent temperament. Additionally, they make great companions. While some breeds are better with children, others require more activity and can be hostile; and then there are many breeds that shed to the point of you having to vacuum your home on a daily basis. That said, before you go and adopt the pooch that has been on your mind, there are some considerations […]

James Bond vs Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt Celebrities

James Bond vs Ethan Hunt: Who’s a better agent?

December 13, 2018

For three decades, there was one star character of the spy movie genre and that was Bond…James Bond. Drinking Martinis as part of his daily calorie intake and woo-ing more women than you could shake a stick at, 007 was undoubtedly the king of the Spy world. All that was to change in 1996, with the release of the Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise as the extremely-hard-to-kill and even harder […]

Mika Singh Controversy Celebrities

Shocking Mika Singh Controversies

December 12, 2018

Mika has given us chartbusters like “mauja hi mauja”, “gandibaat”, “dhinkachika”, and is undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood singers out there. However, Singh seems to have an undying relation with controversies. Here are a few that you should know about: Arrested for Sexual Misconduct Mika was recently (December, 2018) arrested in Dubai, where he was scheduled to perform at a show. Things went haywire when he reportedly sent obscene […]

New Zealand spinner Ajaz Patel facts Sports

Ajaz Patel: 6 Facts You Should Know

December 10, 2018

Not many people were aware about the name ‘Ajaz Patel’ before New Zealand’s tour of UAE. Now, perhaps, there is no one who wouldn’t recognize him, courtesy his man-of-the-match performance in his debut test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi, where he helped his team with a narrow four-run victory over the home side (well, UAE is Pakistan team’s home…isn’t it?). However, still there is a lot that is yet to […]

Everything you should know about DC's Plastic Man Celebrities

Everything you need to know about Plastic Man

December 10, 2018

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Deadpool and his fast-talking quips and questionable crime fighting ways, then please spare a thought for DC Comic’s Plastic Man, who has been a largely forgotten figure in this superhero-rich movie landscape that exists today. With Thor, Aquaman and even Ant-Man taking centre stage in recent years, it would be easy for this particular plastic do-er of good to think he’s been left out. […]

good things about coffee Lifestyle

7 Good Things About Coffee

December 10, 2018

Coffee lovers would never read such kind of posts because they are not looking for rational reasons to consume this lovely brewed drink. So, if your are continuing to read this post, there’s high probability that you are a skeptical who likes coffee, but is still concerned about any adverse effects it may have on your health. Anyway, let’s head over straight to what the title says: 1. Coffee can […]

New Kapil Sharma Show things to know Celebrities

New Kapil Sharma Show: Things we know so far

December 7, 2018

Kapil Sharma fans all over the world have gone crazy with excitement since the news of his comeback has been made official. To add further to this ’emotional’ return, Sony TV has bestowed upon us a sentimental teaser, which, in all probabilty, will even make ‘pro’ Sunil Grover fans turn up for Kapil’s show. Talking about the latter, Sunil also has a rival-show up his sleeve in the form of […]

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