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5 Reasons Mobile Websites are superior to Apps

mobile websites better than apps
January 2, 2019

If you’re hoping to get online with your business, one of the first things you have to think about is how you’re going to go about it. There are two main ways of getting a presence online:

1) With a responsive mobile website (that adjusts to fit the device it’s being viewed on)

2) A mobile app, which can usually be downloaded from either Apple Store or Google Play.

Whilst it might be hip and trendy to connect with your customers via an app, there are a number of advantages going-in for a responsive website. Here we take a look into exactly what those benefits are.


The best part of having a mobile website is that when someone goes to it, they get to see it straight away, whereas, with a mobile app, it first needs to be downloaded before you can engage with your customer. In a world where people’s attention spans are similar to those of goldfish, this extra step is a significant one which makes converting that person into a paying client much harder.


Whether you access your apps via Google Play or the Apple Store may very well be down to which side of this particular smartphone fence you fall on, the very fact that there are separate versions available means that its more complicated to reach users. Mobile websites can be viewed by anyone, regardless of OS, hardware or browser. In addition, their URLs can be integrated into things like QR codes for added flexibility.


Technology and the internet move pretty fast, which means that things like websites and apps need updation from time to time. Mobile websites are much more dynamic than apps, which need updates to be pushed out to app users in order to be implemented. Most of us would rather eat our own shoes than go through yet another app update, which makes the website option that much easier to deal with.

Getting Found

Another benefit of a mobile website is that it can be searched for using conventional search engines, which is in stark contrast to apps, which can only be found via app stores. Your app may very well be an all singing all dancing one, but if no one can find it, what’s the point in having it?

Time and Money Spent

Whilst creating mobile websites might cost a pretty penny, they’re much less costly both in terms of money and time than developing a native app, especially if you want the latter to exist on several different platforms at once.

In Summary

Whilst jumping on the Native App bandwagon might seem very appealing to your business, it almost certainly won’t be the right option for your wallet. Responsive websites are easier to find online, cheaper to create and maintain, easier to update, and cross-compatible over a range of different devices.

Unless you have a specific reason for getting a mobile app created, do yourself and your business a favour and get yourself a responsive website. Your bank manager will most certainly thank you for it!

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