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6 Things you should know about Vijay Raaz

Actor Vijay Raaz facts and things to know
November 3, 2018

You either know him as Vijay Raaz or as the guy who ate ‘Kauua Biryani’. There is no ‘not knowing him.’ One of the finest actors in the Bollywood Industry today, Vijay Raaz is known for his prominent work in Journey Bombay to Goa, Welcome, Saat Uchakkey, Delhi Belly, and many other hit flicks. While most of us know Vijay for his work, there are many personal as well as professional facts about him that we think you are surely unaware of.

Below we have compiled 6 such facts about Vijay Raaz that we bet you didn’t know earlier:

  • The 55-year old actor was born in Delhi and got his breakthrough in the year 2001 when he played ‘Dubeji’ in the movie Monsoon Wedding. However, his debut film was Bhopal Express that had hit the theaters in 1999.
  • Like most of the other B-Town actors, Vijay Raaz was initially inclined towards theater and drama. In fact, he also appeared in a number of plays at the National School of Drama. However, Raaz has never undergone any kind of professional training in acting. Ironical, isn’t it?
  • Vijay Raaz believes that he is indebited to Naseeruddin Shah for all his success as it was none other than the latter who recommended him to Mahesh Mathai for Bhopal Express and to Mira Nair for Monsoon Wedding.
  • Vijay’s first mainstream film as the leading actor was Raghu Romeo. It was a box office success where Raaz played the role of a confused lower-class man.
  • Apart from being a mere actor, Vijay Raaz has played other “roles” too. He debuted as a director with Kya Dilli Kya Lahore in the year 2014. Vijay’s low-in-pitch and masculine voice has made him a much sought after voice-over artist in various movies and commercials.
  • Things became quite sour for Vijay Raaz at the Abu Dhabi Airport in February 2005 when he was arrested for keeping drugs in his possession. He had gone to Dubai for the shooting of ‘Deewane Huye Pagal’, but was detained by the authorities for as many as nine days. However, he was given a clean chit after a medical examination was conducted on him. Raaz admitted that the authorities had found drugs in one of his bags but he added that he was completely clueless as to how it landed there in his baggage.

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