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What is Vagina Beer and How is it made?

August 3, 2018

On the occasion of International Beer Day 2018, a ‘unique kind’ of beer – named “Vagina Beer” –  has been launched by a Warsaw-based brewery in Poland.

The controversial beer has apparently made more people sad as the drink has been termed ‘misogynistic’ by many.

Given below is everything that you you know about this beer right away:

  • As the name indicates, the beer has been made from ‘vaginal lactic acid of hot underwear models’.
  • The company that has launched the drink goes by the name of ‘The Order of Yoni’. Notably, ‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit term for ‘vagina’.
  • The recipe of the beer was made with the help of a gynaecologist, who reportedly took smears from two models, named Monika and Paulina (images below).

    Models Monika (left) and Paulina (right) ‘contributed’ to the recipe of Vagina Beer

  • If you visit the company’s official website, you will be greeted with the following words: “Imagine the woman of your dreams, your object of desire. Her charm, her sensuality, her passion. Now you can try how she tastes, feel her smell, hear her voice. Now imagine her giving you a passionate massage and gently whispering anything you’d like to hear. Now free your fantasies and imagine all of that can be encompassed in a bottle of beer.” #UniqueIndeed
  • Since ‘ingredtients’ from female genitals are involved in the manufacturing process, many potential customers are concerned about the hygiene implications of the drink.
  • However, Wojtek Mann, the founder of the company, has tried to address this concern of customers by vaguely mentioning the manufacturing process involved, on their website, a snapshot of which has been attached below.

    Vagina Beer manufacturing process

Would you like to taste such beer? Or do you think that this product is prejudiced against women? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below!

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