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10 Strange Flowers and their Characteristics

naked man flower
July 26, 2018

There are not many occasions known to humanity where a flower doesn’t find its use. From birthdays to paying condolences to the dead, flowers are everywhere. However, the list of flowers doesn’t end with roses, lillies, tulips, etc. Out of about 1 million flower species around the world, there are many kinds that are known for their weird shapes and characteristics, like the ones mentioned below:

Happy Alien Flower

Happy Alien Flower

As the name suggests, this flower resembles the face of a supposedly happy alien. Since Charles Darwin discovered it during his expedition around South America, this flower is also referred to as ‘Darwin’s Slipper Flower’!

Brahma Kamal

Brahma Kamal flower blooms only one night in a year

Finding its traces in the Himalayas, this flower blooms for only one night in an entire year. It has been observed that the flower starts to bloom after sunset on any night between July and September and completes the process within two or so hours. During the process, it becomes an 8-inch wide flower and remains as it is throughout the night.

Swaddled Babies

Swaddled Babies flower

Anguloa Uniflora does indeed look like a swaddled baby. For those who aren’t native English speakers or do not know the meaning of Swaddle, here’s its dictionary definition- wrap (someone, especially a baby) in garments or cloth.

Snap Dragon Seed Pod

Snap Dragon seed pod flower resembles a skull

The Snap Dragon Seed Pods look like Skulls – right out of a horror movie – hanging off a branch. In ancient times, it was believed that Snapdragons had supernatural powers.

Parrot Flower

parrot flower strange shape

This flower is native to Thailand and is known by the name Impatiens Psittacina in scientific terms. As the name suggests, the flower looks like a parrot, while in full bloom. They usually ‘come to life’ in the months of November and October.

White Egret Orchid

white egret orchid flower weird shape

Although this flower is native to Japan, it can still be found in countries, like China, Korea and Russia. The White Egret Orchid blooms in spring, but doesn’t usually see the light of late summers. At a time, there can be around 12 such flowers in a plant.

Corpse Flower

corpse flower shape

The Corpse Flower that goes by the scientific name ‘Rafflesia arnoldii’ is usually found in Indonesia. In fact, it is one of the three national flowers of the country. Deprived of any stem, leaves or true roots, this flower got its unique name because of a pungent rotten-corpse like smell it produces to attract flies for pollination.

Naked Man

naked man flower

Also known as the ‘Hanging Man’, this flower is native to the Mediterranean regions. When in full bloom the flower looks like a cluster of men as seen in the above picture.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart flower strange shape

Officially known as the Lamprocapnos spectabilis, this flower is referred to as the ‘Bleeding Heart’ owing to its pink/red petals (with white tips). It is native to areas like Siberia, Korea, and Northern China and generally blooms in the spring and early summer.

Devil’s Hand

Devil's hand flower weird shape

Chiranthodendron pentadactylon or Devil’s Hand – with bright red fingers – is usually found in cloud forests!

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