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5 Ways Simmba is different from Singham

Singham vs Simmba
January 11, 2019

Singham and it’s spin-off character Simmba are similar in many ways. For example, both are ingenious when it comes to executing foolproof encounters. Isn’t it?

But despite being similar in many ways, the two fearless cops have striking differences in terms of their character traits and their perceptions of the outside world.

Before another Rohit Shetty’s policeman character — Veer Suryavanshi (being played by Akshay Kumar) — enters the race, here are a few contrasts between our Bajirao and Sangram Bhalerao:

TraitsBajirao Singham, played by Ajay Devgn, is an honest police officer. Singham will never take any kind of favour or bribe.Sangram Bhalerao alias Simmba, played by Ranveer Singh, on the other hand is a corrupt officer and will do anything for a handsome sum of money. However, he mends his ways when a personal tragedy strikes him.
FamilyIn the first movie, Singham has been shown as a tough-yet-humble guy born and brought up in a small village named Shivgarh, where he happily lives with his aged parents.Simmba, on the contrary, is an orphan.
Signature Action MoveBajirao has a signature action move, wherein he jumps and hits a flat hand/palm on the antagonist's head, which is enough to keep them at bay.Bhalerao has no such signature action manoeuvre.
Convincing PowerSince Singham is a little hot-tempered (uses the term "maaji satkel" every now and then) he is not good at convincing strangers.Simmba, however, is not hot-headed (generally) and can easily convince people with his smile and facial expressions.
HumourSingham is often serious and can only be seen smiling when a loved one cracks a joke. Thus, Singham is not a 'funny man'.His spin-off character, though, is funny in many ways. Not only does he have a ball with his love interest but he also keeps the atmosphere equally light and funny inside the police station, with his colleagues.

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