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Don’t Get Married Before You Know These Facts!

Don't marry before you know these facts
November 1, 2018

These days, many ‘wise’ men believe that marriage is the root cause of all their suffering. Well, they may be right in their beliefs because in all probability they missed reading this post before they decided to marry.

A hundred apologies if we are late in bringing these facts to you because we just set up our website a few months ago 😛

Anyway, let’s head over straight to the relationship facts that each one of us should know before saying “yes”:

When you wait till you’re 23 to commit, you becomes less likely to divorce

A study conducted in the US in the year 2014 found that those who get hitched when they are 18 have a 60% divorce rate. However, those who wait till 23 years before getting married have a divorce rate of around 30%. Thus, it can be concluded that maturity plays an imperative role in keeping the marriage alive and healthy.

‘Passionate Love’ Lasts a Year…Almost

A research conducted in Italy implies that the intense feeling of attraction and ecstasy and high levels of passionate love comes with an expiry date- 1 year.

You no longer remain two bodies-one soul!

When you start living under one roof, you eventually realize that you both have different priorities, idea, interests, and feelings. You even find that you both have a different tolerance level.

Good News Excitement = Strong Relationship

Based on multiple studies, it has been concluded that if couples actively celebrate a good news, they share a better relationship and thus a strong bond.

Marriages Between Best Friends are the Best!

A study in the year 2014 by the National Bureau of Economic Research says that when an individual has a close friendship with their spouse, there will be an increased well-being in the marriage.

The Role of Age….

In the USA, a survey involving 3000 recently married and divorced Americans concluded that the closer a couple is in age, the less likely are their chances to get divorced.

Lending a Helping Hand in Daily Chores

Helping your partner in their daily chores leads to a positive impact on your marriage. If you specialize at a particular chore, for instance, cooking, doing dishes or maintaining cleanliness, etc. go with one of them to reduce the workload of your better half.


Know more of such relationship facts? Then please enlighten us with all your knowledge and wits in the comment section below!

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