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5 Interesting Facts about Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins interesting facts
February 2, 2019

Whilst Pat Cummins might not be a name that immediately springs to mind for most people around the world, in the Antipodes, he’s known as a famous right arm fast bowler who made a name for himself in the cricket world on the 2011 tour of South Africa. So, in order to help those people who don’t know him so well, we look now at five interesting facts about the great man, so that you have a better idea about what makes him tick.

Fact #1 – He’s from a big sports-mad family

With two older brothers, an older sister and a younger sister, it’s fair to say that Pat Cummin’s family is on the large side. What’s more, they’re all sport mad, which might give you clue as to how he ended up becoming a sportsman himself.

Fact #2 – He’s a mountain boy!

Pat grew up in Western Sydney in the shadow of the Blue Mountains and it’s a place he loves to return to and relax when he’s not touring. He still feels a strong connection with the place and if you happen to look at the pictures of the area, you can see why!

Fact #3 – His sister chopped the top of his bowling finger off

Pat Cummins has a part of his middle finger missing

When he was four years old, Pat suffered a freak accident at home, when his younger sister closed the bathroom door on his hand, chopping the top centimetre off of his bowling finger. It was too small to sew back on, but rather than holding back his cricket career, Pat thinks it actually makes his bowling better.

Fact #4 – He’s a fan of crosswords & books

Pat Cummins loves solving crosswords and reading books

When he’s not knocking over middle order batsmen, Pat likes things a little more sedate, which is why in his down time, he loves to curl up with a book or have a go at the latest crossword puzzles. As all touring cricketers spend a lot of time travelling or resting between games, Pat loves time alone with a good paperback!

Fact #5 – He started bowling with a rubber ball

Pat Cummins used to spend every waking moment playing cricket in the back garden as a child. He and his brothers used to mow the lawn nice and short, so that they could get the ball swinging away from the bat. This was made easier by the fact that they used to use a rubber ball, resulting in Pat getting some mad ball movement in the air! Perhaps it’s how he learnt to swing a cricket ball so well as an adult!

What do you think of Pat Cummins? Is he your favourite Aussie bowler? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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