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5 Misconceptions about Eggs

misconceptions about eggs
January 26, 2019

When thinking about what to eat for breakfast, the first food item that comes to your mind is, without any doubt, Eggs. However, many people completely give up on eggs owing to a number of ‘wrong’ facts (myths) associated with them.

Always remember, complete addiction or total abandonment of any thing is never a wise solution to any problem.

In this post we have tried to dig some research and science that will help bust many misconceptions about eggs. So without further ado:

Misconception #1: Egg whites are healthier

While whole eggs have around seventy-two calories, egg whites boast of just seventeen and NO FAT. However, the white part is devoid of any nutritional value besides proteins.

The egg yolk (yellow), on the other hand, is enriched with Vitamin B12, Vitamin D (which is very hard to obtain from food items) and Choline. Moreover, many dietitians believe that foods, like egg whites, that have low to zero fat content may not lead to the ‘satisfaction’ that you get after a meal.

Misconception #2: Egg whites are very high in protein

Considering the fact that egg whites have just 17 odd calories, how much protein can one expect from such a tiny figure? So do not hesitate to include the yolk as it has almost double the protein as compared to its white counterpart.

Misconception #3: People with high cholesterol should avoid eggs

Well, even to this day, many doctors have the notion that eggs should be avoided owing to their high levels of cholesterol (211 mg). However, recent studies have shown that intake of eggs have little to no effect on our blood cholesterol levels. In fact, you can go ahead and enjoy at least 4-5 eggs a week without any worries. You have our word!

Misconception #4: Your refrigerator door’s egg shelf is the ideal place to store them

This point is basically for people (or families) who take a little longer to finish their stock of eggs. The egg slots at the back of your fridge’s door aren’t really an ideal place as there are a lot of temperature shifts in that region (because of the door being regularly opened and closed). Thus, in order to keep your eggs fresh for a longer time, put the the carton in the back of your refrigerator.

Misconception #5: Brown eggs are healthier

Brown rice are better than white rice. Agreed. Brown bread is superior to white bread. Agreed. But brown eggs are better than white? No!

The colour of the shell has no power over the nutritional value of the egg. People perhaps think that since brown eggs are priced higher, they are better. The higher price of the brown eggs is because of the fact that the chicken from which they come are costlier to raise.


So the next time you see someone talking about these myths, correct them there and then. If they still don’t believe you, give them a link to this ‘eggilicious’ post!

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