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The real reason behind Marcus Trescothick’s depression

England cricketer Marcus Trescothick depression
December 5, 2018

Marcus Edward Trescothick is an ex-England cricket player who was awarded the MBE for his contribution to the sport. Having spent a successful period as England’s ODI captain and in the prime of his career, he had to take an enforced sabbatical from the game, due to personal issues that affected his mental health.

In February of 2006, he left England’s tour of India, initially stating it to be because of personal reasons and then going on to blame a virus for his absence. While he returned to the game shortly after, he declined the offer of captaincy and asked not to be considered on the ICC Champions Trophy. It was thought that this was due to clinical depression although the exact reason was never stated at the time.

Contributing factors that are thought to have led to Trescothick’s depression, which manifested itself in anxiety, sobbing before and after games and panic attacks to name but a few of the symptoms, include separation from his young family, the pressure of playing and the associated burnout of continually touring. Trescothick’s wife was suffering from acute postnatal depression at the time, further adding to the stress of the situation.

England Great Geoffrey Boycott suggested that this kind of depression in the game is more common than is reported and while many questioned Trescothick’s withdrawal at the time when the truth came out about his struggles, he was offered widespread public support for opening up about the issue of mental health.

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