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6 Things to know about Lebron James’ school ‘I Promise’

Lebron James' school I Promise
July 31, 2018

Basketball legend Lebron James’ dream of starting an ‘institution’ has finally come true as the 33-year-old’s school “I Promise” begins its operations in his hometown of Akron in Ohio, US. The LA Lakers player announced this news through his twitter handle- Uninterrupted, on 30th June 2018.

With an experimental approach to education, “I Promise” will supposedly be a first of its kind school in the United States not only for the students but also for their parents/guardians. Given below are a few features about the school that everyone should know:

Lebron James' I Promise school classrooms

  • Every student will receive a bicycle on their arrival.
  • The school year would be longer than usual and over 40 staff members will try to “accelerate the development of children who might be found lagging”.
  • Parents who are struggling to make ends meet will be provided job-placement and an on-site food bank that will allow them to pick up food that they can prepare at home.
  • Expert counselling will help students deal with stress that may come from problems outside the school.

Lebron James' I Promise School library recreational room

  • Focus will be laid on activities that would help kill off idle time and prevent students from getting into ‘trouble’.
  • Reportedly, it will be the new Akron Public Schools’ home to 240 at-risk 3rd & 4th graders.

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