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KBC Questions & Answers Episode 6: 10 September 2018

Important GK and Current affairs questions from KBC season 10
September 10, 2018

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC, 2018) is a gold mine of GK and Current Affairs questions for students preparing for competition exams like SSC, Bank PO/Clerical, RBI, Civil Services, Olympiads. Hence, it is always advisable to be aware of all the questions asked in every season of KBC.

In case you have missed watching any of the episodes, do not panic as we have your back.

The following are important GK questions (and their answers) asked in the 6th episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) season 10, 2018:

1) In which of these sports do players try to hit the ball to make it touch the surface of the rival team’s court to earn points?

A) Baseball
B) Volleyball
C) Basketball
D) Polo

Answer: B) Volleyball

2) Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna (from Ramayana) are also known by which of these names?

A) Ramanuja
B) Ramcharan
C) Ramakant
D) Ramapati

Answer: A) Ramanuja

3) In which state did the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) form their government for the first time in 2018?

A) Himachal Pradesh
B) Sikkim
C) Tripura
D) Assam

Answer: C) Tripura

4) Who was declared as the winner of the National Award for Best Actress in 2018?

A) Tabu
B) Shabana Azmi
C) Sridevi
D) Sonam Kapoor

Answer: C) Sridevi (for the movie ‘Mom’)

5) Which of these is the name of a real chemical element in the periodic table?

A) Africium
B) Asium
C) Australium
D) Europium

Answer: D) Europium (Atomic Number: 63)

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