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KBC Questions & Answers Episode 59: 22 November 2018

Important GK and Current affairs questions from KBC season 10
November 23, 2018

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC, 2018) is a gold mine of GK and Current Affairs questions for students preparing for competition exams like SSC, Bank PO/Clerical, RBI, Civil Services, Olympiads. Hence, it is always advisable to be aware of all the questions asked in every season of KBC.

In case you have missed watching any of the episodes, do not panic as we have your back.

The following are important GK questions (and their answers) asked in the 59th episode – second last episode – of Kaun Banega Crorepati  (KBC) season 10, 2018:

1) This logo represents the tourism of which state?

tourism logo kbc 2018 question

A) Rajasthan
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Gujarat
D) West Bengal

Answer: C) Gujarat

2) Which of these festivals, also known as Milad un Nabi, is celebrated to mark the birth of Prophet Mohammad?

A) Muharram
B) Chaand Raat
C) Shabe Barat
D) Mawlid

Answer: D) Mawlid

3) According to a Supreme Court of India judgement passed in September 2018, which of these is not mandatory to link to your bank accounts?

A) Aadhar card
B) Passport
C) Election Card
D) PAN card

Answer: A) Aadhar card

4) Which of these hill ranges is closest to the Qutub Minar?

A) Vindhya
B) Satpura
C) Aravalli
D) Western Ghats

Answer: C) Aravalli

5) In April 2018 which Indian tennis legend created a Davis Cup record for most wins in doubles events?

A) Yuki Bhambri
B) Leander Paes
C) Mahesh Bhupathi
D) Rohan Bopannah

Answer: B) Leander Paes

6) What is the shape of the pupil of a goat’s eye?

A) Rectangular
B) V-shaped
C) Circular
D) Crescent-shaped

Answer: A) Rectangular

7) If a person is in ‘Kashmakash’, what is he going through?

A) Excitement
B) Dilemma
C) Anger
D) Jealousy

Answer: B) Dilemma

8) Which of these football clubs is not from West Bengal?

A) Mohun Bagan
B) East Bengal
C) Dempo Sports Club
D) Mohammedan Sporting

Answer: C) Dempo Sports Club

9) Which gemstone is created on the inside of living, shelled molluscus like Oysters?

A) Pearls
B) Diamonds
C) Emerald
D) Topaz

Answer: A) Pearls

10) Which character is pretending to be three-in-one in this scene from the film “Amar Akbar Anthony”?

amar akbar anthony kbc 2018 question

A) Amar
B) Akbar
C) Anthony
D) Taiyyab Ali

Answer: A) Amar

11) Who was sworn in as the Chief Justice of India in October 2018?

A) Arun Kumar Mishra
B) Ranjan Gogoi
C) Uday Lalit
D) Madan Lokur

Answer: B) Ranjan Gogoi

12) What is the boiling point of water at sea level on the Fahrenheit temperature scale?

A) 32 degrees
B) 212 degrees
C) 100 degrees
D) 451 degrees

Answer: B) 212 degrees

13) Who is the author of the Bengali novel “Noukadubi”, which has been adapted into movies at various times?

A) Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
B) Rabindranath Tagore
C) Samaresh Babu
D) Sunil Gangopadhyay

Answer: B) Rabindranath Tagore

14) Who is the architect of this monument and vista?

who designed this monument kbc 2018 question

A) Henry Irwin
B) Herbert Baker
C) Edwin Lutyens
D) William Emerson

Answer: C) Edwin Lutyens

15) In which of these years were the famous battles of Panipat not fought?

A) 1761
B) 1556
C) 1526
D) 1757

Answer: D) 1757

16) Whose birthday is annually observed in India as National Statistics Day on 29 June?

A) S N Bose
B) P C Mahalanobis
C) Meghnad Saha
D) J C Bose

Answer: B) P C Mahalanobis

17) Who were the title sponsors of the ICC Cricket World Cup when it was hosted outside England for the first time?

A) Benson & Hedges
B) Reliance
C) Wills
D) Pepsi

Answer: B) Reliance

18) Which organization is the birthplace of World Wide Web?

D) University of Cambridge

Answer: A) CERN

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