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KBC Questions & Answers Episode 44: 1 November 2018

Important KBC GK and Current Affairs Questions
November 2, 2018

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC, 2018) is a gold mine of GK and Current Affairs questions for students preparing for competition exams like SSC, Bank PO/Clerical, RBI, Civil Services, Olympiads. Hence, it is always advisable to be aware of all the questions asked in every season of KBC.

In case you have missed watching any of the episodes, do not panic as we have your back.

The following are important GK questions (and their answers) asked in the 44th episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) season 10, 2018:

1) Which of these is not a fertilizer?

A) Ammonium Sulphate
B) Potassium Nitrate
C) Calcium Sulphate
D) Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Answer: C) Calcium Sulphate

2) Who was the first chief minister who went on to become the prime minister of India?

A) P V Narasimha Rao
B) H D Deve Gowda
C) Lal Bahadur Shastri
D) Morarji Desai

Answer: D) Morarji Desai

3) Who was the founder of the Peshwa Dynasty?

A) Balaji Vishwanath
B) Bajirao Peshwa
C) Chimaji Appa
D) Raghunathrao

Answer: A) Balaji Vishwanath

4) Which household appliance has types such as fully automatic, semi-automatic, front loading and top loading?

A) Air conditioner
B) Washing machine
C) Chimney
D) Television

Answer: B) Washing Machine

5) Which of these is not a sweet dish?

A) Murukku
B) Mysore Pak
C) Modak
D) Malpua

Answer: A) Murukku

6) Acne, a skin condition, is caused due to excess of which of these?

A) Sugar
C) Platelets
D) Oil

Answer: D) Oil

7) In which of these sports do players employ the half-volley shot?

A) Boxing
B) Tennis
C) Volleyball
D) Badminton

Answer: B) Tennis

8) Which of these cities in Pakistan is closest to the Indian city of Ahmedabad?

A) Islamabad
B) Peshawar
C) Karachi
D) Rawalpindi

Answer: C) Karachi

9) Shivaji’s general Tanaji is believed to have scaled the walls of Kondana Fort with the help of Yashwanti. What kind of an animal was Yashwanti?

A) Monkey
B) Cat
C) Bear
D) Monitor Lizard

Answer: D) Monitor Lizard

10) Identify this palace?

identify palace kbc question

A) Chowmahalla Palace
B) Mysore Palace
C) Jai Vilas Palace
D) Umaid Bhawan Palace

Answer: C) Jai Vilas Palace

11) Which of the following states has so far had only one chief minister?

A) Uttarakhand
B) Telangana
C) Jharkhand
D) Chhattisgarh

Answer: B) Telangana

12) According to the Mahabharata, who was Karna’s charioteer when he was killed?

A) Kritavarma
B) Jayadratha
C) Ashwatthama
D) Shalya

Answer: D) Shalya

13) In 2004, NASA named its SGI Altix 3000 supercomputer to honour which of these astronauts?

A) Neil Armstrong
B) Edwin Aldrin
C) Kalpana Chawla
D) Sunita Williams

Answer: C) Kalpana Chawla

14) Which of these leaders has been both an elected as well as nominated member of the Rajya Sabha, apart from being elected thrice to the Lok Sabha?

A) Subramanian Swamy
B) Arun Jaitley
C) Manmohan Singh
D) Sharad Pawar

Answer: A) Subramanian Swamy


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