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KBC Questions & Answers Episode 28: 10 October 2018

Important GK and Current affairs questions from KBC season 10
October 11, 2018

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC, 2018) is a gold mine of GK and Current Affairs questions for students preparing for competition exams like SSC, Bank PO/Clerical, RBI, Civil Services, Olympiads. Hence, it is always advisable to be aware of all the questions asked in every season of KBC.

In case you have missed watching any of the episodes, do not panic as we have your back.

The following are important GK questions (and their answers) asked in the 28th episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) season 10, 2018:

1) According to the popular folklore of Arabian Nights, Scheherazade keeps telling Sultan stories for how many nights?

A) 1001
B) 101
C) 50
D) 500

Answer: A) 1001

2) In which of these sports can you normally see the umpire running along with the players in the field, during the course of a game?

A) Cricket
B) Squash
C) Hockey
D) Volleyball

Answer: C) Hockey

3) This bird is also held to be the Vahana (vehicle) of which god?

Kbc 2018 picture question

A) Indra
B) Brahma
C) Yama
D) Kartikeya

Answer: D) Kartikeya

4) Which of these hill stations is also known as “Queen of Chhota Nagpur”?

A) Netarhat
B) Ranchi
C) Panchgani
D) Pachmarhi

Answer: A) Netarhat

5) In 2014, which of these animals was declared the state animal of Rajasthan?

A) Goat
B) Sheep
C) Cow
D) Camel

Answer: D) Camel

6) Which entrepreneur launched northeast India’s first small bank, North East Small Finance Bank, in June, 2018, in Guwahati?

A) Mukesh Ambani
B) N R Narayana Murthy
C) Ratan Tata
D) Anand Mahindra

Answer: C) Ratan Tata

7) Which months would you generally associate with the festival of Diwali?

A) December-January
B) June-July
C) April-May
D) October- November

Answer: D) October-November

8) Crush, tear and curl (CTC) is a method of processing what?

A) Chocolate
B) Coffee
C) Black Tea
D) Vanilla powder

Answer: C) Black Tea

9) The smell of hydrogen sulphide is usually compared with which of these?

A) Bitter Almond
B) Rotten eggs
C) Rose
D) Coffee

Answer: B) Rotten eggs

10) Identify this saree which is known for depicting mythological themes on the pallu?

identify saree kbc 2018 question

A) Bandhani
B) Baluchari
C) Leheriya
D) Chanderi

Answer: B) Baluchari

11) A standard credit or debit card number issued in India has how many digits?

A) 12
B) 10
C) 16
D) 20

Answer: C) 16

12) Which country has a state or province named after the local name for the Indus river?

A) India
B) Pakistan
C) Afghanistan
D) Nepal

Answer: B) Pakistan (‘Sindh’ Province)

13) Apurvi Chandela, Manu Bhaker and Rahi Sarnobat have all represented India in which of these sports?

A) Weightlifting
B) 100m race
C) Shooting
D) Swimming

Answer: C) Shooting

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