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India’s National Women’s Party: Everything you should know

India's National Women Party (NWP) representational image
December 18, 2018

Finally, like the United States, India now has its own National Women’s party, which has just been ‘launched’ (December 2018) in Delhi after around 6 years of extensive ground-work. Here is everything that you should know about NWP:

The Founder

Delhi's National Women's Party founder Swetha Shetty

The party is being led by doctor and social activist Swetha Shetty. Reportedly, Swetha has extensively worked with a Telangana-based NGO. It was during her time with the said NGO that she felt the urge of creating an all women ‘national movement’, that would not only work for the welfare of women but also bring them at par with men, in the political battleground.

The National Women’s Party’s Agenda/Goals

Ms Swetha feels that for centuries women have been suppressed in every sphere of life and now the time has come to bring a revolutionary change. The party has 2 major goals:

1) To Represent the Underprivileged women

The party believes that many underprivileged women have “suffered at the hands of system” a lot many times in comparison with the opposite gender. For instance, women who have run from one office to another in hope of some help and received nothing in return or the ones who have suffered (and are still silently going through) domestic abuse.

2) Ensure reservation for women in parliament and prevent harassment at workplace

The party aims to get at least 50% reservation for women candidates in the Lok Sabha elections. Furthermore, NWP believes that no major actions are being taken against the accused in many workplace harassment cases. Thus, it is high time that women ‘rise up’ and take charge of the driver seat. In a nutshell, the party will work at empowering the women of the nation!

Ms Swetha Shetty wants more & more women to come forward and take the ‘bold’ step of joining the party. As of now, she hasn’t confirmed about her plans of contesting any of the upcoming elections.

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