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9 Facts about the Human Eye

human eye facts
May 18, 2018

Given below are some facts about the human eye that will surely take you aback:

Eyeballs don’t grow!

Our eyeballs remain the same size from our birth and until our last breath, unlike our nose and ears that continue to grow.

The most active muscles

No matter how good an athlete you are, none of your body muscles can be as active as the ones that control your eyes.


An average eyeball weighs around 29 grams (0.063 pounds) and is about 24 mm wide. However, what’s surprising here is the fact that despite weighing so low, it comprises over 106 million light sensitive cells!

There is no such thing as an Eye Transplant

You might have heard the phrase that “someone got an eye transplant”. This is a colloquial sentence which simply means that that someone got a “cornea transplant”. Presently, there is no procedure to carry out a complete/true eye transplant as our eyes are connected to the brain via millions of nerve fibers, which form a very complicated labyrinth.

Retina sees upside down

Our retinas are by default programmed to perceive objects and people in an upside down-manner. Thanks to our brain though for flipping these images the correct way.

Retina scans are more secure than Fingerprint scans

The Iris has 256 unique characters while the Fingerprints have mere 40. Hence, for security purposes, we can safely assume that retina scans are far more reliable than fingerprints.

‘500 shades of Grey’ is a myth

Until 2015, it was believed that our eyes were capable of seeing around 500 shades of grey; however, a research conducted in the said year established the fact that we can only distinguish between 30 shades of grey!

Eyelashes and Eyebrows are not mere for aesthetic purpose

While the Eyebrows are there to prevent sweat – from our forehead – dripping into our eyes, the eyelashes help keep dust and dirt away.

All blue-eyed people are related!

If you have beautiful blue eyes, you share a common ancestor with all other blue-eyed people on this planet (like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.)

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