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10 Good Things About Bangladesh

good things about Bangladesh
December 15, 2018

A nation is formed by its people and culture, but the importance of the climate and other environmental factors cannot be overruled. By and large, every country is an amalgamation of both good and bad characteristics. But how many times are the best of both worlds discussed? Inadequacy, economic crisis, poor educational facilities, lack of infrastructure, etc., are a far cry from the true identities of a nation and what it is capable of.

Bangladesh—a country which has been in the limelight for all wrong reasons—has several admirable features which the world should know about:

A Progressive Economy

Based on a report released by Asian Development Bank in 2016, Bangladesh’s economy had seen a GDP growth of 7.1%, which further increased to 7.3 percent in 2017. The country’s GDP growth since 2010 has also been on an upward trend (6 percent or more). This growth has resulted in the poverty rate of the country dropping significantly.

The Tobacco Taxation Drive

Tobacco (in all forms) is injurious to health. Several countries are affected by tobacco addiction and trying to combat its ill-effects by spreading awareness drives. Bangladesh took this initiative quite seriously. One report, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, revealed that Bangladesh’s policy of taxing tobacco has helped reduce its consumption tremendously.

Low Fertility Rate

Population growth can be a factor of concern for the economic stability of any nation. Lack of knowledge and awareness campaigns/initiatives are, usually, the perpetrators of a nation’s population rise. During the last couple of years, Bangladesh has been successful in bringing down the fertility rate from 6 births or approximately 2.2 births per woman.

Reduced Mortality Rate

This initiative is about saving lives when faced with severe weather incidents like super-cyclones.  With the help of a robust disaster management program, the government of Bangladesh has been successful in lowering the mortality rate by 99 percent when compared to the 1970s data.

A Booming Mobile Industry

Bangladesh was declared the fifth largest mobile market in Asia Pacific in 2017. This is the proof of how this country is trying to match up with technological giants of the world. This is also a crucial achievement for the country to realize its Digital Bangladesh and Vision 2021 initiatives/goals.

A Peaceful Nation

Leaving behind the majority of South Asian developing countries, Bangladesh has been ranked the third most peaceful country in the Global Peace Index 2017 report.

Haven for Literature Enthusiasts

Bangladesh boasts of a rich cultural heritage which is celebrated in the literary works of legends like Rabindranath Tagore (before independence), Lalon Shah, Taslima Nasrin and many others. For poetry lovers, this country has a lot to offer.

A Growing Investment Sector

The investment sector in Bangladesh has strengthened over the years and is now booming. This has opened the gates for foreign companies to invest in many businesses in this country.

Improved Health Industry

Bangladesh has gained momentum in stabilizing its health sector drastically. It has successfully attained 91 percent and 67 percent child immunization rates against tuberculosis and measles, respectively.

A Robust E-Commerce Industry

Digitization is the need of the hour. Bangladesh knows the significance of digitization and is not leaving any stones unturned to attain a great score in this sector. According to statistics, the e-commerce industry in the nation is estimated at a whopping $22.049 trillion as of 2016.

All these points illustrate how Bangladesh is an evolving nation that will continue to excel in the globalized world!

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