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What is Flipkart Plus: Quick Facts and FAQ’s

Flipkart Plus vs Amazon Prime Quick facts and things to know
August 1, 2018

The dominance of Amazon Prime in the Indian e-commerce market has been giving sleepless nights to Flipkart executives ever since the programme came to India. However, come 15 August 2018 (Independence Day, of course) the latter might find some relief through their customer loyalty programme Flipkart Plus, which aims at providing direct competition to their worst nightmare- Amazon Prime!

Given below are a few things about Flipkart Plus that every ‘online shopper’ should know:

  • Unlike Amazon Prime that has a yearly subscription plan of INR 999, Flipkart Plus will have no subscription fee and will be ‘entirely’ free for customers having a valid Flipkart shopping account.
  • Instead, the company will award “Plus Points” or “Plus Coins” on every successful purchase on their website. As you shop more, you earn more plus points; with more plus points, you unlock key rewards and benefits
  • These rewards could be redeemed at portals like Zomato, MakeMyTrip, Hotstar, Cafe Coffee Day, etc. For example, if customers earn enough points/coins, they can unlock a yearly subscription to Hotstar! #Exciting
  • “The company will keep adding more brand partners to the programme for its customers,” says Shoumyan Biswas, head of advertising & marketing at Flipkart.
  • Like Amazon Prime, ‘Plus’ will provide free, fast delivery and early access to major sale events such as festive season sales, big billion day sale, etc.
  • In addition, under the programme, customers will receive superior customer support with a faster response time!

Notably, this isn’t Flipkart’s first customer loyalty programme. The company had, in fact, launched an ‘Amazon-Prime kind’ subscription years ago in the form of “Flipkart First”. However, the company’s lethargic push to the programme soon found it fizzle out.

We will keep you updated on more details about “Flipkart First” as soon as they arrive. So, keep watching this space!

Update: Flipkart reveals how to become a member of Flipkart Plus through the below-mentioned steps:

  1. One plus coin will be credited to your account on shopping for INR 250 (and more). For example if you shop for 250 rupees you get 1 plus coin, for spending of 500 rupees you get 2 plus coins, for 750 rupees you get 3 plus coins and so on.
  2. You become a member of Flipkart Plus programme once you have 50 plus coins in your account.
  3. That’s it! Now enjoy exclusive customer benefits mentioned above!


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