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5 Reasons Chicken Soup is good for you

reasons Chicken Soup is good for you during cold
January 1, 2019

Non-vegetarians, who are always looking forward to have more of their favourite soup, are going to love this post as we are going to talk about the reasons why chicken soup is no less than a superfood, ‘fact-stamped’ by a dietitian. Although it is commonly known that chicken is a great source of protein, there is a lot more to it that most people are not aware of:

Good source of hydration during illness

When you are down with a sore throat, drinking enough water to stay hydrated seems like a curse. But, adequate hydration is must to prevent your condition from worsening. During such an illness, a not-so-thick chicken soup can come to your rescue and help you remain hydrated.

Can help alleviate nasal congestion

If you make sure that the soup you consume is hot, it will not only taste good but also make you feel better by clearing your airways with its steam. Once some ‘sweet-smelling’ steam passes through your nose, you will find it a lot easier to breathe!

Chicken is rich in tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino-acid which boosts the production of mood-enhancers serotonin. More the serotonin in your body, the happier you will feel. This quality of chicken often comes in handy when the illness becomes more psychological than is really the case.

A decent source of Vitamin B

Inadequate levels of Vitamin B in the blood can lead to poor digestion and a compromised immunity. Your favourite chicken soup comes loaded with the same; hence you do not have to look for other supplements of Vitamin B, even in the long-run.

Accompanying vegetables make it a vitamin superfood

Do not shy away from adding celery, carrots and onion to your chicken soup. These vegetables are not only rich in vitamin C, K and a host of antioxidants but also provide an improved taste and a better look to your otherwise dull and colourless appetizer.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, research has proven that chicken soup has some mild anti-inflammatory action. Hence, it may aid in healing that sore muscles of yours that you usually get when you’re down with cold.

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