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December 26, 2018

Details of WWE Talent Tryout Mumbai, India

If India had a sporting religion apart from cricket, it would undoubtedly be WWE. The wrestling promotion too has realized this fact of late, courtesy of Triple H, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, who is doing everything in his power to select the best local talent from countries across the globe. India’s track record has not been quite impressive in the WWE, with just two notable names […]

John Cena and Nikki Bella break up
April 16, 2018

John Cena and Nikki Bella end 6-year-old relationship

In what comes as a shock to WWE fans across the world, John Cena and Nikki Bella have ended their relationship, just 3 weeks before the wedding. Nikki and the Leader of Cenation, who had been dating since 2012, got engaged at Wrestlemania 33 in front of thousands of viewers, live. Just a week before Wrestlemania 34, John Cena had made a reference to Nikki Bella, which indicated a good […]

The undertake to face Rusev in a Casket match
April 11, 2018

The Undertaker to face Rusev in a casket match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event

The ‘dead man’ walked once again at Wrestlemania 34 to take on John Cena in an unannounced 3-minute match. Though most of the fans had thought that the Undertaker had retired at previous year’s Wrestlemania after losing to eternal baby face, Roman Reigns, he proved everyone wrong and will make his second appearance of the month in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on April 27, 2018. It is definitiely going to be […]

April 9, 2018

Fans fume over Twitter as Wrestlemania 34 becomes a victim of poor booking

Many WWE fans took to twitter to express their disappointment over the results of various high-profile matches at Wrestlemania. While the Undertaker turned up for just a 4-minute odd match against Cena, Braun Strowman selected a 10-year-old boy, named Nicholas as his over-hyped “mystery partner.” If that was not enough, Braun Strowman and Nicholas are now RAW Tag Team Champions. In addition, many fans termed the “dream match” between AJ […]

April 8, 2018

Wrestlemania 34 to be held today in New Orleans

WWE Extravaganza PPV- Wrestlemania 34- also referred to as “the grandest stage of them all” to be held today, April 8, 2018, in New Orleans. The event marks the in-ring debut of MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, who along with Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle, will take on “The Authority.” Interestingly, the crowd may become witness to an “unannonuced dream match” between John Cena and The Undertaker.

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