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NASA's InSight Spacecraft model
April 10, 2018

NASA to launch InSight lander to Mars on May 5

NASA is all set to launch a new spacecraft to Mars, which aims at studying the deep interiors of the Red Planet to learn how all rocky planets formed, including Earth and its Moon. Named the “INterior exploration using Seismic investigations, geodesy and heat transport (InSight) lander”, the spacecraft will be equipped with a seismometer to detect ‘mars quakes’, and a ‘probe’ that is programmed to monitor the flow of heat in […]

breast cancer
April 9, 2018

IIT Ropar develops ‘quick, non-contact’ method for detecting breast cancer

In what comes as a breakthrough, researchers at IIT Ropar claim to have developed a “painless, quick and no-contact method” for early detection of the onset of breast cancer in women. The proposed technique, Infrared Thermography (IRT), will reportedly make use of infrared emissions emerging from the breast to detect the hidden tumours at a very early stage with predefined thermal stimulus on the area under observation.

April 9, 2018

Human Fossil unearthed in Saudi Arabia ‘rectifies’ mankind’s story

Around 88,000-year-old human fossil discovered in Saudi Arabia has forced experts to go back and modify the story of mankind’s early history. The 1.25 inch long middle finger found in a dessert points towards the fact that our ancestors spread out of Africa 20,000 years earlier than first thought. Experts believe that first homo sapiens may have entered Arabia by crossing the Red Sea.

Parker Solar Probe
April 8, 2018

Mankind’s first probe to sun to launch in July

In a first, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe will become the first man-made object to “reach” the sun. Reportedly, the probe will orbit directly through the solar atmosphere- The Corona – and try to reveal the  fundamental phenomenon that drives the solar wind. Thanks to the Thermal Protection System (TPS) alias “the heat shield” that will help the probe survive the brutal “scorching” heat of the star.

April 8, 2018

Breathtaking! Rare 65 Feet Dome-Shaped Lava Fountain

The USA geological survey has posted pictures of a rare symmetrical dome fountain formed around 49 years ago because of the 5-year-long Mauna Ulu eruption at the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. The structure stands tall at 20 metres and is baffling experts because of its almost-perfect symmetrical shape.

April 7, 2018

World’s first “Space Hotel” to be up by 2021

Orion Span, a US-based company, is reportedly all set to open the world’s first luxury “Hotel in Space” by 2021. Tentatively named ‘Aurora Station’, the hotel will reportedly charge over $10 million for a 12-day stay.

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