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First Malaria Vaccine test in Malawi
April 25, 2019

First Malaria Vaccine: Everything you should know

Malaria, a life-threatening disease is not limited to one region or country; its rising cases and lack of proper treatment makes the disease uncontrollable. Worldwide, malaria takes 4,35,000 lives every year, with most of them being children. However, a pilot project for a new vaccination has been recently launched in Malawi to curb the disease. But can this new vaccine help India in keeping malaria at bay? Let’s find out […]

Helium hydride discovered for first time in space
April 21, 2019

NASA finds Universe’s oldest molecule Helium Hydride for first time

Courtesy of NASA (and DLR’s) Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), scientists have finally detected the universe’s oldest molecule, helium hydride, in space. Here’s everything you should know about this discovery: Where was it found? Helium hydride was detected in the planetary nebula NGC 7027, a cloud of dust and gas – the remnant of a sun-like star that perished ages ago. Notably, NGC 7027 is located nearly 3,000 light-years […]

NASA SPHEREx telescope facts and things to know
February 24, 2019

NASA SPHEREx Telescope: 5 Things to Know

NASA is planning to launch a new space telescope by 2023 that will try to answer two burning questions that have been bugging the humanity for centuries: Question 1: What were the first moments in the history of Universe? In other words, how did the universe expand so quickly (in less than a nanosecond) after the big bang? Question 2: How common are the ingredients of life — water and […]

Planet HD 21749b facts
January 10, 2019

Planet HD21749b: 4 Things to know

NASA’s TESS spacecraft has discovered yet another planet — the 3rd one since it began its operations in 2018 — outside our solar system. The planet, dubbed as HD21749b, orbits a bright dwarf star located “relatively” near – at a distance of 53 light years from it in a constellation named Reticulum. Here are a few things that you should know about this discovery: Mass & Size Reportedly, the planet […]

mobile websites better than apps
January 2, 2019

5 Reasons Mobile Websites are superior to Apps

If you’re hoping to get online with your business, one of the first things you have to think about is how you’re going to go about it. There are two main ways of getting a presence online: 1) With a responsive mobile website (that adjusts to fit the device it’s being viewed on) 2) A mobile app, which can usually be downloaded from either Apple Store or Google Play. Whilst […]

December 24, 2018

Bioplastics: Not that environment friendly

Conventional plastics are wreaking havoc on our surroundings, and according to the UN Environmental Program, 6.5 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the oceans every year. Plastic pollution has become a significant area of concern and researchers are finding ways to combat the same. Can bioplastics be the solution to it? Let’s find out. Bioplastics are an ‘artificial’ form of plastic- renewable and made up of agricultural output such […]

plastic road in India
December 20, 2018

How are Plastic Roads made in India?

The Plastic Man of India, Dr. R. Vasudevan’s ‘plastic road’ technology was patented in the year 2006. However, even after 13 or so years India has been building roads the traditional way, a few exceptions being certain roads in Tamil Nadu and a few pilot projects in Delhi-NCR. With the plastic menace at an all time high, this technology can not only help reduce tonnes of plastic waste in the […]

LG smartphone with 16 rear cameras patent
November 28, 2018

Smartphones: What is the purpose of 16 rear cameras?

Every other day we are bombarded with the news that ‘X’ company is launching a smartphone with 4 rear cameras, ‘Y’ company is launching a cellphone with 8 rear cameras, and ‘Z’ company is going one step ahead with 16 rear cameras…but the real question is- Do these 4, 5, 8, 16 rear cameras serve any real purpose? Or are they just a result of brand war between technology giants? […]

Why has the kilogram been redefined
November 19, 2018

Why has the Kilogram been redefined?

Students around the world are frowning as to why the kilogram has been redefined. Will it impact the way they solve numerical problems involving mass/force? Does 1 kg still remain equal to 1000 g? If these questions are puzzling your mind, do not panic as we try to answer what exactly most of the young people are looking for. So let’s head on to the first question….. Why has the […]

SpiNNaker supercomputer facts and things you should know
November 12, 2018

SpiNNaker: 4 Things you should know about world’s largest supercomputer

Spiking Neural Network Architecture (SpiNNaker), the world’s largest human brain-like supercomputer, was switched on for the first time in November of 2018. It took over 20 years in conception and 12 years in construction to finally come to ‘life’. The primary objective of the machine is to aid neuroscientists better understand how the human brain works. Here is everything about the SpiNNaker supercomputer that you ought to know: 1) The […]

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