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World Hypertension Day
May 5, 2018

World Hypertension Day: 6 Things to know regarding High Blood Pressure

One doesn’t need to be a medical expert to know that high blood pressure isn’t good for health. Your kids or spouse might be always on your ears telling you to get it checked frequently. Doctors do advise that it is extremely important to regularly monitor your blood pressure if your family has a history of heart disorders or stroke. The month of May is once again here and it […]

4 basic bodily functions explained
April 27, 2018

4 Basic Bodily Functions Explained

We are all human beings and share basic bodily functions, like farting, yawning, burping, getting goosebumps, etc. However, we seldom try to find out the scientific reasons behind these acts. If you are also on the quest to discover the answers to these basic yet baffling bodily functions, you are at the right address. So, without wasting any time, let’s pick these actions one by one and try to analyze […]

Interesting facts about chocolates
April 25, 2018

10 Fascinating Things about Chocolates

I hate my dentist when he advises me to stay away from chocolates because these sweet black/brown coloured compounds tend to decay our teeth faster. Pish-Posh! Being an avid chocolate lover, reducing its intake is the best that i can do on my part; completely giving them up, however, does not seem to be a viable option to me. Talking about its composition, we all know that Chocolates are derived […]

Bladder Cancer
April 24, 2018

Things you should know about Bladder Cancer

Just like any other organ in the body, the tissues of the “muscular sac in the pelvis” are also prone to the development of cancer. The primary function of the Bladder is to store the urinary waste; it can hold around 3 cups of urine at any given moment of time. Although, various health magazines and websites focus solely on prostate cancer, there is a dire need to address the […]

Why Tea is Bad for your teeth
April 22, 2018

Why Tea is bad for your Teeth

Overview Can you imagine passing an entire day without your habitual dose of tea or coffee? Must be a nightmare in itself! However, you should at least reduce the intake of tea, be it any kind, because research has shown that our favourite daily drink – Tea – stains our teeth even more than the previously believed culprit- Coffee. Notably, in Britain, over 164 million cups of tea are consumed […]

Interesting facts about Mangoes
April 20, 2018

8 Interesting Facts about Mangoes

The summers are here and beneath the scorching heat of the sun, the humanity is looking for some motivation to keep going, both physically and psychologically. Well, as far as I can see, there’s only one aspect related with summers which might give you a push forward, and that is none other than- Mangoes! The ‘king of fruits’ was very popular even in the ancient times as there are a […]

Things you should know about your Liver
April 19, 2018

6 Things you should know about your Liver

Liver, the second largest organ in the human body, has been allotted a lot of tasks by nature. Even the slightest of obstacles in its functioning can lead to severe consequences. Open any nutrition or health oriented website/magazine, and you will be greeted with hundreds of articles on how to keep your heart healthy, as if the heart is the only organ required to keep your body running? As Buddhism […]

Dengue is a mosquito born disease
April 18, 2018

Dengue: Cause, Symptoms, Remedies

The summers are here in India, which will soon be followed by the monsoon. However, since weather is getting too unpredictable because of the ever-increasing global warming, we may never know how soon the showers may hit the nation. Although there are a lot of ‘romantic’ aspects associated with the monsoon season, it also wreaks havoc in the form of a number of diseases, especially dengue, which although easily curable, […]

Eat nuts to make your heart healthy
April 17, 2018

Nuts are your heart’s best friend!

Although Nuts have proven to be an all-round source of vitamins and minerals required by the body, recent studies have established the fact that Nuts (be it any kind), if taken regularly in required amounts, have done wonders for heart and its related ailments. Given below are the findings of a latest research (2018) published in the reputed BMJ: New Research Researchers accumulated Food Frequency Questionnaire responses and lifestyle information from […]

Omega 3 supplement
April 14, 2018

Is Omega-3 effective in treating Dry Eye Disease?

It is widely believed that Omega-3 fatty acids are very effective in treating the Dry Eye Syndrome. But still the question looms- are they really as beneficial as they are claimed to be, or are they just equivalent to another ‘placebo’? A recent study tries to answer this question; however, until we reach the conclusion, let us first take a look at what the syndrome is really all about? Dry […]

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