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German Shepherd isn't an ideal dog for many pet guardians
December 14, 2018

4 Breeds of Dogs You Should Think Twice Before Adopting

Dogs are incredible, and most have an excellent temperament. Additionally, they make great companions. While some breeds are better with children, others require more activity and can be hostile; and then there are many breeds that shed to the point of you having to vacuum your home on a daily basis. That said, before you go and adopt the pooch that has been on your mind, there are some considerations […]

good things about coffee
December 10, 2018

7 Good Things About Coffee

Coffee lovers would never read such kind of posts because they are not looking for rational reasons to consume this lovely brewed drink. So, if your are continuing to read this post, there’s high probability that you are a skeptical who likes coffee, but is still concerned about any adverse effects it may have on your health. Anyway, let’s head over straight to what the title says: 1. Coffee can […]

fruits for diabetes patients
November 21, 2018

Which all fruits can diabetics eat?

Over 426 million diabetes patients are residing on this planet at the time of writing this post and the number is increasing at an alarming rate. It is high time that we – whether diabetic or not – reconsider our choices of food, lifestyle and exercise. Despite numerous researches, books, pieces of advice by our ‘venerable’ doctors, we as a society have failed to control the condition, to the extent […]

Don't marry before you know these facts
November 1, 2018

Don’t Get Married Before You Know These Facts!

These days, many ‘wise’ men believe that marriage is the root cause of all their suffering. Well, they may be right in their beliefs because in all probability they missed reading this post before they decided to marry. A hundred apologies if we are late in bringing these facts to you because we just set up our website a few months ago 😛 Anyway, let’s head over straight to the […]

High heels may cause osteoarthritis
October 29, 2018

Why you should not wear high heels

Wearing high heels undoubtedly bestows a woman with fashionable looks. However, everything in fashion is not always healthy. Experts suggest that wearing high heels daily for longer periods can damage your bones to the extent that surgery might become your last resort. Wearing stilettos may result in degenerative arthritis — generally known by the name osteoarthritis. So the question that arises here is: What exactly is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a chronic […]

sugar in cigarettes increases the toxicity of smoke
October 28, 2018

Did you know: Sugar is added to cigarettes to reduce harshness?

A recent study found out that only a small percentage of smokers is aware about the fact that their cigarettes contain added sugar. “Although sugar is added to reduce the harshness of the of smoke, research has shown that it instead results in an increase in toxins”, suggests an article in journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research. But one simple question that arises in everyone’s mind is: Why in the world […]

frankly spooking book review
September 16, 2018

Short Stories: ‘Frankly Spooking’ Book Review

I was casually scrolling through the horror genre section on an online shopping store when i stumbled upon this book named ‘Frankly Spooking’ by blogger & author (of course) Sriramana Muliya. The book was just 192 pages so I ordered one thinking that i might have some good weekend horror action. Let’s break down this post into parts: Cover Page & Title The cover page was simple and eerie at […]

August 3, 2018

What is Vagina Beer and How is it made?

On the occasion of International Beer Day 2018, a ‘unique kind’ of beer – named “Vagina Beer” –  has been launched by a Warsaw-based brewery in Poland. The controversial beer has apparently made more people sad as the drink has been termed ‘misogynistic’ by many. Given below is everything that you you know about this beer right away: As the name indicates, the beer has been made from ‘vaginal lactic […]

Ingestible Sensor Capsules to diagnose gut disorders
August 2, 2018

Now Diagnose Gut Disorders via Ingestible Sensor Capsule!

Researchers at RMIT University, Australia have made a huge breakthrough by developing ‘ingestible sensor capsules’ that can accurately diagnose a number of ‘undiagnosable’ gut disorders. What’s the story? According to a study published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, a group of researchers in Australia has been successful in developing a swallow-able sensor (via a capsule), which is reportedly 3,000 times more accurate in diagnosing gut disorders than the present […]

Weight loss surgery quick facts and FAQ
July 30, 2018

Weight-Loss Surgery: Quick Facts and FAQ’s

Bariatric Surgery — commonly referred to as weight-loss surgery — is becoming more and more prevalent with each passing day as young obese individuals are finding it tough to resist the prejudices of society against ‘fat people’. Doctor Sanjay Borude, consultant Bariatric surgeon at SL Raheja Hospital in Mumbai, who initially used to get 1 such ‘patient’ in 3 months, states that now he operates on an average of 3 patients […]

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