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6 Facts you should know about Boman Irani

Boman Irani facts
May 2, 2018

If you ever feel low due to the eternal adversities of life and look for sources of motivation to get going, look no further than Boman Irani and his inspiring journey into Bollywood. The actor, who made his ‘full-fledged’ debut at the age of 44 with Munna Bhai MBBS, has had a life full of trials and tribulations and has yet emerged a winner by not giving up on his passion- Acting. Given below are some interesting facts about the ‘veteran’ actor’s life that we bet you didn’t know before.

Boman Irani’s birth year is the same as his father’s year of passing away

Boman Irani, the only son among five siblings (he has 4 sisters), was born in December 1959. However, his father had passed away in May 1959, seven months prior to his birth. In an interview, the actor revealed that he grew up in a family full of ladies – his mother, her five sisters (his aunts), his four sisters and their female friends.

A troubled childhood

In his childhood, the actor was reportedly a victim of lisp, a speech defect wherein a person¬†pronounces “s” and “z” sounds like “th”. Owing to this condition, young Boman had to face immense difficulties while getting admission into a school. He was, however, cured of the condition after receiving a “Marbles in Mouth” speech therapy.

Balancing family business & film education

Boman’s mother owned and ran a 10 feet by 4.5 feet ‘shop’ – by the name of Golden Bakery – located right between the Novelty and the Apsara Cinema in Mumbai. The shop, which was later overseen by Boman Irani for a brief period, had a small furnace, where the family fried its bakery’s main attraction- Potato Chips! During the same time, the ‘Munna Bhai’ actor completed his course in theater.

Waiting Tables & providing Room Service at The Taj

In order to stand on his own two feet, Boman, after having completed a Polytechnique Diploma Course, went out looking for jobs and stumbled upon a waiter’s job at the Taj Hotel, Mumbai. Since the remuneration was high, the actor took the job without any second thoughts and went about providing door-to-door room service at the hotel.

Transition to Photography

A few years later Boman Irani opened his own photo studio, through which he made a few influential friends in the entertainment industry, like Shiamak Davar. It was none other than the latter who helped him get his first break in a play, titled Roshni. Although the play turned out to be a flop, Boman was flooded with offers from other play directors. Eventually, he got the titular character in the very successful “I’m Not Bajirao”, a play that ran for ten long years!

Roles that went unnoticed before his ‘dream debut’!

Boman Irani in Darna Mana Hai

Boman Irani’s first appearance came with Rahul Bose’s directorial debut- Everybody Says I’m Fine (2001). Next, he was seen in the 2002 flick- Let’s talk. The following year, 5 months before the release of ‘Munna Bhai’, he was seen in RGV’s Darna Mana Hai. Can you guess the character he played in the movie? Need Hint? Look at the image above!


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