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3 Reasons Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor relationship is fake

3 reasons why Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor relationship is fake
September 13, 2018

Imagine that you are just casually scrolling through an entertainment website or a newspaper and all of a sudden you see two celebrities talking and bragging about their love-affair. What would be your first reaction? Would you believe in the fact just because the two people involved are vowing about their love for each other? Or would your rational-half doubt the intentions behind the lover-story being sold to you?

The same is with the case of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, who, on one fine day, just pop-up in front of the paparazzi and show their desire to date each other. And the next thing you know is that the print-media,the electronic-media, and various social-media enthusiasts have deemed them a couple, a tag which the two film-stars would proudly accept.

But how come the celebs who were earlier so afraid of being spotted with their love interest in public became so open about their affair?

Here we list reasons why Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor relationship is nothing more than a publicity stunt and a rumour:

Easy Promotion for their upcoming film ‘Brahmastra’

For those who do not know what Brahmastra is- ‘Brahmastra’ is reportedly the first-installment in filmmaker Ayan Mukerji’s fantasy film ‘trilogy’. In Mukerji’s own words- “Brahmastra is a modern-day film set in India as it exists today. However, the reason it’s called Brahmastra is because the energies, wisdom, powers in the film come from ancient India. That’s all I would say. There are some costumes, may be not the way you’d expect them to be.”

Thus, what other news than the link-up of the two stars — who are riding high on success, post the release of ‘Raazi’ and ‘Sanju’ respectively — can be a huge money-maker for the film trilogy as a whole? In fact, don’t be surprised if the movie enters the 100 crore club even before its release! Thanks to Alia and Ranbir who post their candid pictures every now and then on Twitter/Instagram and go for dinners to each other’s house every month with the paparazzi following them like their shadow!

Fooling the Media

Usually, celebs hold a lot of grudge against the media- the hate originating from incidents when the latter portray them in a bad light in front of millions of fans on TV, especially in matters concerning their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. So, if, being a filmstar, you ever get a chance to fool the media and have a good laugh on the sheer ignorance of both the educated and the illiterate, why not grab the opportunity with both hands?

Well, Alia and Ranbir did exactly this and I am sure that whenever they hear about any report of their link-up on TV, they laugh their lungs out!

Ranbir Kapoor perhaps wants to make Katrina Kaif Jealous since Alia and she are very close friends

The bond between Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif and his present ‘rumoured’ girlfriend Alia Bhatt seems to be very strong, thanks to the numerous photographs the two girls share – on social media – usually while gymming or dancing.

Since Ranbir and Katrina have broken-off, it seems very likely that the former is in no mood of letting-go of the relationship. Thus, he is using this supposed bond of his with Alia as a weapon to make his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif jealous!

The same can be the case with Alia who might be using all this relationship-angle with Ranbir as a means to make her ex, Sidharth Malhotra, repent.


Do you agree with the points that we have made above? Or do you think that the relationship between the two is genuine enough? Let us know what you think by using the comment section below. Cheers!

3 responses to “3 Reasons Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor relationship is fake”

  1. Chetana Gautam says:

    Honestly..why are they both so unhappy together…no smile no holding hands..not even looking at each other..that’s not how love is..ranbir has started looking forever depressed and this disease is passing on to alia now

    • Phenomenal says:

      Exactly…we believe all this relationship thing is just a long-term publicity stunt for Brahmastra..which is reportedly going to be a Baahubali kind of movie..a huge money maker.. Also we think that they are doing this to tease the media..about a relationship that doesn’t exist..they want to show how stupid the media and fans are..

  2. RanKat fan forever says:

    Obviously fake!Though Alia has always had a major crush on Ranbir,Ranbir doesn’t even look into her eyes,the only thing they do is kiss and hug in front of media.This couple is super-duper overhyped by the media as Alia’s PR team is quite good,how can the people even believe them to be love birds when they look like siblings?

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