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Smartphones: What is the purpose of 16 rear cameras?

LG smartphone with 16 rear cameras patent
November 28, 2018

Every other day we are bombarded with the news that ‘X’ company is launching a smartphone with 4 rear cameras, ‘Y’ company is launching a cellphone with 8 rear cameras, and ‘Z’ company is going one step ahead with 16 rear cameras…but the real question is- Do these 4, 5, 8, 16 rear cameras serve any real purpose? Or are they just a result of brand war between technology giants?

LG has just filed a patent for a smartphone with 16 rear cameras and many people are scratching their heads as to what LG is going to do with so many cameras, when Google Pixel 3 has been successful in achieving ‘zenith’ with just a single camera.

Anyway, here we have compiled a few uses of these multiple rear cameras that some (or all?) of you might find beneficial:

1) The first and foremost purpose of these lens is to capture images from different angles. Now once you have 16 images from distinct angles, you can select sections of each photograph as desired and merge them into one. So, in this way you may get your ‘perfect picture’.

2) The patent states that the cameras can be used to 3D scan objects.

3) Furthermore, you can can generate “moving images” by combining data from these 16 photos. However, we are not sure as to what does the company mean with this moving images term? Are they talking about GIF’s here? If yes, then how is it going to be different from company’s already existing flagship phone – LG V40 – that creates a GIF, via its Triple Shot feature?


Do you think that the resultant smartphone by LG will be a success? Do we really need 16 rear cameras? Kindly tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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